The Teaching Your Child Podcast – 08 – Show Notes

Today we discuss a common homeschool Soapbox…. We open the box on label and talk about why we think labels need to go.  This episode is a little bit more free form and idea based.  Hope you enjoy.

Figure out what your child’s learning style is and how you can teach to this learning style.

Start with the fun work and work down to the less fun aspects of homeschool.

Re-examine your own questioning if you are not getting the answers you want from your student or you are worried about your child’s level of engagement and enthusiasm.

Gifted and talented

Children that appear to be great students may have figured out how to work the school system and may eventually become apathetic and burned out.

What we want is to develop lifelong learners that are not afraid to take risks or fail.

Developing a positive supportive environment for learning will promote confidence in your students.

Don’t be afraid to change the game when what you are doing is not working.  Your kids are changing quickly and you need to adapt your teaching to their development.

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