The Teaching Your Child Homeschool Podcast – 07 – Show Notes

This show is all about different ways to teach math.  Math can be fun if you approach it from some different perspectives.  Here are some ideas.

  1. Carpentry – We used an immense amount of math in a home restoration and were continually surprised by how much math we used.  This was a great opportunity to show our kids where math actually applied to the real world.
  2. Cooking – The list of potential math used in cooking and baking is endless and can even branch into science and gastronomy.  The best part…. You get to eat your math problem.
  3. Photography – You can work ratios, timing, film speed, pixels, etc.  Building a pinhole camera can turn this into a carpentry project as well.
  4. Art– Math and art share more similarities than many people realize and much favorable art has been found to be mathematically proportional.
    1. Ideas mentioned : Golden ratio, fractals, proportion, symmetry
  5. Weapons Study – This was based on a class that Nicole taught for our Homeschool co-op.  They found that analysis of historical and modern weapons utilized a great degree of math.  It also goes without saying…. The kids thought this class was absolutely awesome.
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