The Teaching Your Child Homeschool Podcast Show Notes – 05

Some great alternatives to the traditional book report.  As educators we all want to see our kids develop excellent reading comprehension.  These seven strategies can help build reading ability while having fun.

  1. Start a book club – This can be done with friends, family or a co-op.  Get the book club together to have a discussion.   Add ice cream and a special drink to make it fun.  And, did I mention, go out of your way to make this fun.
  2. Exercise your Drama Muscles – Act out some scenes from a book or do a dramatic reading.  Record the whole thing for laughs and review.
  3. Be a Blogger – Have your homeschooler start a book review blog.  Get them to go deep and add analysis, criticisms or supporting arguments.  Again, MAKE it FUN.  A theme can go a long way in adding a fun element so get creative.
  4. Explore!!!! – Use the book as a starting point for finding things to explore.  Visit areas where books took place, try things that the characters did or make things that the characters used.
  5. Get Artistic – Use the book as inspiration for pictures, sculptures or even comic books.
  6. Make Your Kids Day – Let them watch the movie about the book or a program that deals with the subject of the book.       
  7. That Ending Sucked – Rewrite the ending, choose your own adventure or kill the character that you didn’t like.  This can be a lot of fun and lead to some pretty amusing stories and endings.

Reading will open new doors and allow your kids to explore from anywhere in the world at any time they wish.  Help them develop a love of reading by trying some of these alternatives to the boring old book report.

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