The Teaching Your Child Homeschool Podcast – 04 : Show Notes

It’s OK to Have an Off Day!!!!

  • One of the best things we have found to do on off days is to toss it all to the wind and just do something fun to build relationships with your kids.  If your day is not working, STOP.  Homeschooling allows for flexibility, take advantage of this flexibility.
  • Read a book to your kids, they will love it at any age, heck I still like to be read to.
  • Mentions: Roald Dahl, Hardy Boys
  • Play some games, puzzles, video games, board games, catch, or anything else that your kids will enjoy.  Just do something out of the norm that can break the cycle of an off day, once again this is a great opportunity to build relationships.
  • Mentions: Wii, Lumosity
  • Go Outside!!!  Need I say more?
  • Watch a great documentary.  There are thousands of great documentaries just waiting to teach your kids something interesting.  Kids love watching TV make this compromise on an off day.
  • Mentions: Netflix
  • Get creative and go do some art work.  Get messy, experiment, color outside the lines and have some fun.
  • Head to the kitchen and make something great that you can eat later.  Cake and ice cream are normally pretty popular on off days and they usually ensure smiles.

You can have an off day and if used wisely you can even reap some fantastic benefits from your off days.

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