In this episode of the Teaching Your Child Homeschool Podcast we discuss the different types of learning styles and reveal some strategies for teaching to each learning style.  We touch on some basic brain theory and the benefits of physical activity on learning.

Learning Styles Discussed:

  1. Visual
  2. Auditory
  3. Tactile Kinesthetic

Teaching Strategies Discussed:

  1. Utilizing physical activity to promote learning
  2. Increasing the number of senses used learning
  3. Ball toss for promoting activity and learning
  4. Bear crawls
  5. Playing music

Brain Theory Discussed:

  1. Remylation of the brain
  2. Crossing the midline
  3. Increasing theta waves
  4. Stimulation of the dentate gyrus portion of the brain (correction alert: mispronounced dentate for denate)
  5. Maximizing brain region stimulation for maximum learning


Nicole is a very visual learner as you’ll hear her say many times “If you’ll picture . . .” 


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