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Think back to an occasion as a parent that you instinctively knew your child was coming down with something before anyone else did.  You could go to the store to buy medicine to give your child, but you may not always know which medicine to apply or how often.

This is exactly the case homeschooling parents face with teaching their own children.

There is enough material to buy under the sun, and most will come with basic mass-produced instructions, but not the actual skills to teach.  Having these skills would ensure your child is receiving the best-individualized education possible.

Have you been wondering if as a parent-teacher there was a way for you to learn how to develop the ability to cultivate an enriched learning environment?

This is exactly why we have developed courses that actually teach parents how to teach.

Those Who Can, Teach Their Children is a full 6-course package that unpacks all of these teaching skills from being mysteries to becoming applicable methods you can use immediately.

We start with our introductory course, Why We Teach.  This is where we will explore together our purpose and intentions in teaching.

In Classroom Management, we will examine how to effectively manage your classroom regardless of size.  We will discover how classroom management extends beyond discipline and evolves into time management, lesson content flow, and build student autonomy.

We will then delve into the practical and unique aspects of homeschool classrooms, such as having multi-age students, or students of varying skill level and learning styles.

By the end, you feel adept at managing any class size you choose to teach and be able to cultivate an enriching, fun learning environment.

In the Evaluations course, we explain why your child may fail at a test they studied hard for, or why you may experience disengaged learners, and provides the steps to take creating a true evaluation of your children.

You will examine how to evaluate authentically. We will teach why some questions garner no engagement and why others inspire learning.  Our methods show you the development of effective questions and how to implement several practical strategies in asking questions.

We will then learn how to ditch the “memorize and forget” methods and learn to evaluate your students’ ability to apply knowledge, rather than how they stored it.

In the Brain Activation course, we delve into the annoying phenomenon of why we forget things 2 seconds after learning it, plus we equip you with the skills to change the course of your kids’ learning for the better.

You will get to examine strategies to activate your students’ brains for optimal learning.  We will teach you how to fill your classroom with different types of specific movement that increase memory retention as well as, aid in productive learning time.

By the end, you will not only know what types of learners you have, but also how to reach them when presenting new material, reviewing material, and how to effectively test material.

We will go into detail about how to deliver effective lessons that awaken all areas of the brain.  We not only learn to use their strongest learning style but strengthen their weaker learning styles, creating well-prepared “whole-istic” learners.

In the Health, Fitness, & Nutrition course, you learn how to motivate and develop healthy habits that elevate your children’s learning.

In this course, we will examine how you can prime your students for optimal learning with health, fitness, and nutrition strategies.

We teach you actionable steps about how to integrate these cornerstone components into everyday life as well as, into the classroom.

By the end, you will be equipped with simple health, fitness, and nutrition strategies that will help make the rest of your teaching more effective.  A healthy mind starts with a healthy body and we are here to help your kids get it.

The Lesson Planning course encourages you in your homeschooling.  This is where you will experience the freedom in actually learning practical, effective teaching skills.

We will examine how you can plan great lessons from beginning to end. We will look at how to combine a variety of domains (e.g., music, history, science, etc.) into a unified, cohesive lesson.

We will also delve into the benefits of reviewing your thoughts and observations of your students during and post teaching.

By the end, you will be fully equipped to analyze and enhance lesson plans from a purchased curriculum as well as, culminate various resources and apply them to your own lesson plans.

This course is broken down into manageable, bite-size content for busy parents.

We spend approximately 19 weeks ensuring your development in the understanding of how to engage all of your child’s mind. Confidently building your ability to teach to any type of learner; preparing them for life-long learning.

You have the flexibility to move at your own pace through this course and you have lifetime access! We help keep you on track by sending you weekly emails that tell you where you in the course you should be if you are wanting to finish by 19 weeks, and what you need to do next.

We equip you with practical skills you can practice implementing that day.  

By purchasing this 6-course package, you are saving over $440 dollars if you were to buy the courses individually.

As a bonus, we have included a number for you to call us directly three times during office hours (MWF 9-11AM CST) in the week. This call is for your own personal 20-minute consultation time.  We are also giving you the entire Guide to Learning, and in the syllabus, we outline which sections to specifically read for the duration of this 6-course package.

Not to worry, we honor a 100% Money Back Guarantee for the first year of your purchase if you are not satisfied.

Purchase now to start learning your new skills in teaching.


Buy the full package and get six courses for the price of four. You will have access to all five Teaching Your Child Courses, plus office time with Nathan & Nicole, and a copy of The Teaching Your Child Guide to Learning.

Courses Include:

Classroom Management

  • What concepts an effective teacher will use in managing their classroom
  • Common behavior problems in the classroom
  • Behavior modifications with learning styles
  • Multiage homeschool rooms

How to Evaluate Learning

  • Style & intent of questioning
  • How learning styles affect evaluations
  • How to evaluate applied knowledge
  • How to look for and create valid and reliable tests 

Brain Activation

  • Define Brain Activation
  • How to improve recall and memory
  • How to activate various areas of the brain with learning styles
  • Examples of practical applications

Health Fitness & Nutrition

  • The problem with fitness and nutrition
  • What is kids fitness?
  • Keys to live by
  • How to make it as easy as possible

How to Lesson Plan Everything

  • What an effective lesson plan contains
  • How to build a lesson plan
  • Determining large and small objectives