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Have you ever had your child fail a test where you knew they knew the information?  Have you ever asked a question and had little to no engagement from your learners?

This is the course that explains why that happens and provides the steps to take creating a true evaluation of your children.

In this course, we will examine how to evaluate authentically. We will teach why some questions garner no engagement and why others inspire learning.  Our methods show you the development of effective questions and how to implement several practical strategies in asking questions.

We will then learn how to ditch the “memorize and forget” methods and learn to evaluate your students’ ability to apply knowledge, rather than how they stored it.

This course is broken down into manageable, bite-size content for busy parents.  

We spend 6 weeks ensuring your development in learning to authentically evaluate your children by sending you weekly emails that tell you where you are in the course and what you need to do next.  

We equip you with practical skills you can practice implementing that day.  

As a bonus, we have included a number for you to call us directly during the week for your own personal consultation time.  We are also giving you the entire Guide to Learning, and in the syllabus, we outline which sections to specifically read for this course.

Purchase now to start learning your new skills in teaching.

In this course, we will cover

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Style & intent of questioning
  • How learning styles affect evaluations
  • How to evaluate applied knowledge

Lessons Include