Brain Activation


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Have you ever read something and forgotten it 2 seconds later?

Have you been teaching your kids and wondered if what you were saying was actually getting through to them?

Are the children you are teaching making it difficult to be the teacher you always dreamed you could be?

All of these annoying phenomena are explained in this course, plus we equip you with the skills to change the course of your kids’ learning for the better.

In this course, you will get to examine strategies to activate your students’ brains for optimal learning.

We will teach you how to fill your classroom with different types of specific movement that increase memory retention as well as, aid in productive learning time.

By the end of this course, you will not only know what types of learners you have, but also how to reach them when presenting new material, reviewing material, and how to effectively test material.

We will go into detail about how to deliver effective lessons that awaken all areas of the brain.  We not only learn to use their strongest learning style but strengthen their weaker learning styles, creating well-prepared “whole-istic” learners.

This course is broken down into manageable, bite-size content for busy parents.  

We spend approximately 4 weeks ensuring your development in understanding how to engage all of your child’s mind to ensure both long and short-term memory. We help you stay on a 4-week track by sending you weekly emails that tell you where you should be in the course, and what you need to do next. However, you will have lifetime access, and the flexibility to move at your own pace. 

We equip you with practical skills you can practice implementing that day.  

As a bonus, we have included a number for you to call us directly during office hours (MWF 9-11AM CST) in the week for your own personal 10-minute consultation time.  We are also giving you the entire Guide to Learning, and in the syllabus, we outline which sections to specifically read for this course.

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In this course you will

  • Define Brain Activation
  • How is it helpful in teaching
  • How to improve recall and memory
  • How to activate various areas of the brain with learning styles
  • Examples of practical applications

Lessons Include