Parents and Teachers Join the Revolt & Expose Standardized Testing

A furious teacher, who had had enough of the bad questions from Common Core standardized testing, leaked questions anonymously.

She was fed up with the blatant disregard of evaluating students’ true potential, and instead damaging any further progress by students by asking them questions well above their age-related reasoning capabilities.

Taking matters into her own hands she posted the questions on a blog without any regard to the test still being used.

Read the original blog by Celia Oyler, who had caused an incitement among parents and fellow teachers across the nation as she exposed some of the leaked content. (The blog in its current state has marked redacted sections, as she is under threat of legal action from PARCC)

As teachers, we try to work alongside parents to encourage life-long learning and see where students can improve when they fail.  However, when we give a student a question that is 2 - 6 years above their reasoning capability on a standard test that we claim is there to make sure everyone is on grade level, what are we really saying to them?

The real harm in these kinds of questions is that teachers’ hands are tied rendering them unable to truly teach.

NYC blogger Leonie Haimson explains how this monstrosity has a downward trickle effect “. . . children are being denied independent and guided reading time with texts of high interest and potential access and instead are handed texts that are much too hard (frustration level) all year long without ever being given the chance to grow as readers in their Zone of Proximal Development.”

She goes on to dissect 3 of the 4th grade writing prompts.   Explaining how they are written in an unreasonably sophisticated language and developmentally inappropriate.

Is Common Core available for a dialogue, questions . . . or a statement?

No, and don’t expect to find anything anytime soon.   According to NY Times article, they have been sending over 100 notices to Google and Twitter in an attempt to scrub the leaked questions off the internet.

Who knows how long before they try to delete our post & links.

Thankfully, parents and teachers have created a nationwide outcry that is being heard.  This is making it difficult for PARCC to continue to be used.  A hard hit as they originally had 24 states in participation but are now down to seven.

What can you do?

OPT OUT if you can.

Diane Ravitch worked as an assistant secretary in charge of research and improvement in the Education Department of President George H.W. Bush.  Initially, she was a valiant supporter of No Child Left Behind until she researched its effects on students and bravely concluded that it led to a narrowing of the curriculum, an obsession with test prep, and demoralized teachers.

What if you can’t opt out?

If your child is forced to take a standardized test, remind them that it is not a true evaluation of their ability.  That it is a system you are not in support of because research shows that it holds no bearing on how they learn, or how their teacher teaches.

How can you prepare yourself and learn when a question is wrong?

For years, it has been Teaching Your Child’s objective to teach educators how to ask relevant questions that truly evaluate a learner’s capability not just stored memory.

That is why we developed our Evaluations course because questions can be so dangerous to a child’s confidence in their ability to learn by being deceptive in what is being asked.

We take you step by step to understanding what makes a good question and equally what makes a bad one.

In an effort to spread awareness and help educate all parents & teachers in creating questions that authentically evaluate their children we are offering 90% OFF our Evaluations Course.  

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All the best, and keep up the good fight!  Love the Bills Family