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Why Have a Consultant:

If just one of your responsibilities is teaching your children, you probably have a full plate.  You might be wondering if, or how you will deliver the education you have dreamed about for your children.  Until we figure out how to transplant octopus tentacles onto humans, Teaching Your Child will be happy to help with a wide range of consulting services that can help you get started and take your teaching to the next level.




Why Choose 2

Examples of Services:

  • Getting Started
  • Creating Evaluations
  • Project Based Learning Unit Development
  • Teacher Coaching
  • Understanding & Evaluating Learning Styles
  • Identifying Teaching Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Progress Evaluations
  • Unit Study Plans Developed for Unschoolers and Classical
  • Teaching Financial Responsibility
  • Family Health, Fitness, & Nutrition Analysis and Coaching
  • Incorporating Brain Stimulation into Lesson Plans & Activities
  • Diagnosing Problem Areas
  • Lesson Plans Developed for Traveling
  • Plan Development for Areas of Concern
  • Foreign Language Aid
  • Tweaking Curriculum
  • Aid with Meeting your States Education Requirements

Recommended Packages:

Teacher Coaching:

  • This is a great phone consultation service.  You will have direct access to call Nicole personally and receive expert educational advice.

Monthly Subscription Service:

  • This is an extensive subscription service where our expert team puts together a teaching plan specific to your family’s needs that includes: lesson plans, projects, and evaluations.  You also have access to weekly coaching sessions with Nicole.  This is where you will learn how to apply adept teaching skills becoming the best parent-teacher for your family.


  • $1.67 x minute for phone consultations
    • pre-charged for estimated length of call based on per minute rate.
    • call the number provided, after the call the charge will be adjusted to reflect actual length of the call.
  • $100 X monthly subscription service plan
    • billed at time of set up.
    • scheduled automatic recurring monthly payments for the first of each subsequent month
    • cancel anytime

There will never be any hidden or surprise fees.

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