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If just one of your responsibilities is teaching your children, you probably have a full plate.  You might be wondering if, or how you will deliver the education you have dreamed about for your children.  Until we figure out how to transplant octopus tentacles onto humans, Teaching Your Child will be happy to help with a wide range of consulting service packages that can help you get started and take your teaching to the next level.

Why Choose 2


  • Getting Started
  • Reading Level Assessments
  • Project Based Learning Unit Development
  • Personal Coaching on How to Be a Better Teacher
  • Understanding & Evaluating Learning Styles
  • Identifying Teaching Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Learning How to Evaluate Progress & Create Portfolios
  • Developing Unit Study Plans for Either the Unschoolers, Classical, or combination
  • When & How to Include Movement into Lesson Plans & Activities
  • Diagnosing Learning Problem Areas
  • Travel Lesson Plans Developed for You, or Guidance in Making
  • Figuring Out Areas of Concern
  • Learning English as a Second Language
  • Tweaking Your Curriculum
  • Aid with Meeting your States Education Requirements


Online Books & Courses:

  • We have a plethora of teaching material to help you start or restart regardless of your budget or experience level.
  • It is vital to us here at TYC that you become your best version of yourself that we ALWAYS include lifetime access to any material bought online.
  • CLICK HERE to find the right book or course for you.

Monthly Subscription Service:

  • This is the perfect package for the busy parent needing a guide-on-the-side for any area of teaching or learning.
  • Sign-up by filling out the form below
  • Each week you will have the flexible access to an email consultation. This means that once a week you can email Nicole directly about any three questions with regards to teaching and/or learning and receive tailored-just-for-you answers within 48 hours. Imagine the confidence you will gain from being able to run your ideas and doubts by a professional’s brain weekly! (value of $80.00 x 4 emails)
  • Each month you will receive 2 lesson modules via email on Teaching Techniques. You will have the flexibility to complete at your own pace and with lifetime access to all of the modules sent to you. Now, you will have the support you need to at any time create teachable moments anywhere. Learn how to craft optimal learning environments specific to your child’s needs. These lessons are designed to empower parents whether teaching on the road, at home or supplementally with other co-teachers. (Value $30 x module)
  • Additionally, Each month you will be able to schedule a private 30-minute consultation call. Real-time discussions and answers to all your personal goals, families needs, supportive help in creating life-long learners (value of $50.00 x call)
  • The total value of items in this package purchased separately is $172.00 X month. If you sign-up for the monthly subscription service your cost is almost half that at $75 X month.
  • Bonus! You will be mailed a hard copy of the Teaching Your Child Guide to Learning this book is a culmination of our research on discovering and working with learning styles, brain development, and a variety of the best teaching delivery methods. (value $30.00 + shipping)

Private Teacher Coaching:

  • Ready for private one-on-one help to become your best self? This is the package for you.
  • Start with signing up for a FREE email consultation by filling out the form listed below. In this consultation, we will immediately begin crafting your personal coaching package. Tailored to fit your family’s needs.
  • You will have direct access to Nicole Bills personally for 1-hour sessions 4 X’s a week. Where we will go over your specific teaching techniques and creating learning opportunities that are connected and congruent to the concerns and needs of your children.
  • Direct guidance on how to teach and plan for your children with their individual needs and abilities in mind.
  • Unlimited lifetime access to our flagship course, “Those Who Can, Teach Their Children” AND The Teaching Your Child’s Learning Guide.
  • Flexible direct private phone access 3 X’s week during office hours (MWF 9AM - 11AM CST) for a 20-minute quick help call.

Phone Consultations:

  • Not quite sure where to begin? Phone consultations are a great way to discuss a variety of needs and wants.
  • Availability to discuss any specific learning/teaching needs facing your family.
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Privacy guaranteed
  • Easily set up your phone call by filling out the form listed below

Reading Level Assessments:

  • Wonder no more about if your child is on, below, or above their reading level.
  • Whether you are in Austin, TX, or located somewhere on earth with internet access you can set up a skype call session direct with Nicole Bills, to have English reading levels assessed.
  • Discover what types of reading errors (i.e., meaning, visual, structural) your learner is making and how they can be corrected.
  • Learn what your reader’s specific error-rate, accuracy-rate, and self-correction rates are and what that means to how they are fluently reading, and how it impacts their learning. Then most importantly, learn the techniques best suited specifically to their individual needs to help them improve.
  • Set up your assessment call by filling out the form below


  • $12 - $700 Various Online Books and Courses to Meet Any Budget or Experience Level
    • One time payment
    • Flexibility to go at your own pace - at anytime
    • Lifetime access to teaching materials
    • Course packages include 20-minute consultation calls during office hours
  • $75 X Monthly Subscription Service
    • Billed at the time of the set up for one month at a time.
    • Scheduled automatic recurring monthly payments for the first of each subsequent month
    • Cancel anytime
    • Total value for each item listed under this service PURCHASED separately (- not including your bonus hardcopy of our Learning Guide) is $172.00 x month.
  • $300 X Week for Private Teacher Coaching (initial sign-up must be for 4 weeks after the first-month sign-up can change to week to week)
    • Initial sign-up is for 4 weeks, billed at the time of set up.
    • after the first month, availability to sign-up and be billed week to week.
    • After initial month, cancel anytime
  • $1.67 x Minute for Phone Consultations
    • Set up specific needs to be addressed during your call in the form listed below
    • Pre-charged for the estimated length of a call based on per minute rate.
    • After your call, the charges will be adjusted to reflect actual length of the call.
  • $80 X Reading Level Assessment per Child
    • Set up assessment by filling out the form listed below
    • Billed at the time of service.

There will never be any hidden or surprise fees. 100% Money Back Satisfaction for one year on any of our packages. 

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  • To send us a query if you are not sure what you need.

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