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My biggest fear is that I am not teach my children enough to get them ready for college. - Robyn 

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Let us help assuage your fears.  We were recently talking to a group of entrepreneurs who had been homeschooled for part of their childhood and were quite successful financially.

We asked them what their homeschool experience was like, 3 out of 5 told us that their parents did not really teach very well because they were busy, but that they were expected to read a lot on their own.

When they went back to “send away” school or left for college the first year, they were more advanced than their peers.

So even on your worst day, it will still be more productive than what they would be doing in traditional school.  We know this to be true because you already care more than those guys’ parents did just by the simple fact you are reading our posts.


Here are the top seven things to make sure you are doing enough for college:

  1. Give your children a lot of reading time every day.  (no matter what it is they are reading!)  Goal to shoot for is 2 to 3 hours.
  2. Make sure they can do their basic math figures mentally & quickly.
  3. Asking the right questions to encourage learning exploration and  project-based learning, giving them a syllabus and letting them run with independent learning
  4. Exposure to adults and conversing or presenting information
  1. Ability to write, IEW is a great curriculum (we do not receive any $ for recommendations)
  2. Taking notes.  The best way to use the computer to take notes is by using Workflowy (we do not receive $ for recommendations).  It is a web app that connects to smart devices.
  3. Encouragement.  This is the biggest key to creating an avid life long learner.

additional resources

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Looking forward to growing with you in your teaching,

Nathan & Nicole Bills

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