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Meet The Family

Nathan & NicoleLike millions of parents before us, we watched our daughter go off to “send away” school for the first time.

During her kindergarten year, we noticed her zest for learning dwindled, like so many of you have emailed us about your own children. Heartbroken for her, we knew we had to do something different.  We pulled her out at the end of the year, and began our journey into homeschooling. As a father, I found this to be a terrifying decision to make.  Would my daughter and future children be well-adjusted kids who could make something of themselves, attend college, or at the very least have friends?

I knew that it was going to take a community of support and dedication.

I never want another parent to doubt themselves the way that we did that first couple of years.

My wife and I began this community, as a mission to equip parents with the skills needed to become successful in educating their own children.

More About Us

We wanted parent-teachers to know that they could be confident that their children would be successful in any environment outside of the home.

For me, Nicole, the love of teaching has always been there but the skills to teach a classroom full of kids or just my own two, has taken decades to hone and perfect. It is those mastery skills that I have strong desire to pass onto parent-teachers, because, like me, they share in the natural love of teaching but need someone to teach them a mastery of skills.

For over a decade now we have helped thousands of families unpack the mystery of teaching and raise learning experiences to a new level in the home.

Education means to our TYC family, extending beyond the classroom and follow children into real-life experiences. Experiences that will create a zest for learning as well as teach about running a life-in-balance.

Despite always wanting to teach, having learned to become a teacher & the years spent teaching; homeschooling was a whole different ball game compared to teaching in the public and private sector.

We continually felt frustrated that there were a plethora of mass-produced educational materials but hardly anything on the best way to apply this material to the individual child.

If as a mom and a well-trained teacher, I felt frustrated; would any other parent?

As a dad, I felt terrified whenever Nicole might need me to take the reins, how could I teach our kids? I could read through and struggle with our family’s curriculum figuring it out, but is that the best way for me to teach and our children to learn?

We went back through at all of Nicole’s education training, seeking out the most useful methods that we had applied in our years as homeschooling parents, we talked with our friends, family, and community, reading every book, and visiting with educators in all fields who are at the top of their game, we gathered all the most pertinent skills that a parent-teacher will need for their children ages 0-20.

From all of that research, we planned courses that would take a parent from the very beginning stages to a mastery level.

Our heart’s desire is to provide an immense freedom to any parent who is teaching their children the ability and the confidence to do just that, teach.

This skill set gives parents the specific ability to recognize when their child is needing more AND to know what to do about it before it destroys any learning creativity in their children.

Join our community now in 3 ways:

  1. Sign up for our news emails in our pop up box.  These are designed to give you fresh new ideas in teaching children.
  2. Purchase our courses.  These will teach you how to become a parent-teacher who is able to curate an educational environment anywhere, any time that inspires your children to pursue life-long learning.
  3. Peruse our blogs, videos, and podcasts.  We have filled these with great, cutting-edge information on education.


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So much more than school! I have taken all of your courses.  They are well laid out, comprehensive and informative. The speaker holds my attention, provokes ideas and makes me feel more capable just by listening. These courses take a task that can seem mysterious and intimidating and breaks it down into manageable sections while building confidence in the listener. I recommend this course to anyone and everyone who desires to teach their children.

Rhonda V.


As my husband and I have continued down the path of educating our family, we’ve learned that our 6 children vary greatly from each other regarding how they learn. The Parent Teacher Guide to Learning has helped us to properly understand and correctly individualize our academics. Because of this, our kids are learning more, and recall information at a much higher rate. Regardless of whether you have one child or a dozen, this book will help you in discovering, evaluating, nurturing, and preparing your kids for the future.

Kelley B.


I was struggling with a child who was falling behind, another with disruptive behavior, and my own confidence in teaching them at all. . . let alone a love for learning.  I stumbled onto Teaching Your Child’s consulting services at a low point and you guys held my hand along every step of the way from how to develop lessons, assess where my children were falling behind, develop a plan of action for their learning, and get to the root of disruptive behaviour. Well worth every penny.  I know exactly where I would be without you and I am so thankful I found Teaching Your Child.

Raechel A.

New Jersey

Email Response to the 30 Days to Better Homeschooling Course. I really enjoy this 30 Day Course.  The tips are extremely helpful in alleviating my worries as I have always felt I am doing it wrong.  Thank you for your help in this 30 Day Course. GREAT JOB!!!!


Email Response

Have you asked yourself:

  • Am I doing enough of the right things to create an avid learner?
  • How do I teach multiple-age learners and abilities?
  • How can I motivate my unmotivated child?
  • What do I do when I teach differently than my children learn?
  • How can I focus my teaching so that I am not lost in all there is to learn?

We receive these questions daily from parent-teachers around the globe.  We have had them ourselves, despite having education degrees in our first few years of homeschooling our children.

We have taken these fears and anxieties and laid them to rest by writing books and creating courses that teach you how to recognize your true teaching potential.

We’ve taught hundreds of parents just like you to reach their learners no matter where they are. You can now learn how to teach your kids successfully.  

We take you step-by-step on how to reach your learner, no matter where they are, pushing them past their boundaries enabling them to be successful in any environment that comes after teaching at your kitchen table.

Not to worry, if you are not satisfied with our courses we will honor a 100% money-back guarantee for your first year of purchase.

Get started now by scrolling through the courses and books on the right to find which ones will enhance your teaching just right for your learners.  


I love all of TYC’s courses!  I hoped I was doing enough by purchasing great curricula.  Now, after taking these courses, I actually know how to teach and how to diagnose gaps in their education after pulling them out of school.  Thank you for developing courses that equip us to be parent-teachers!

Candice, H


What happens if I click here?

This is your fresh start to teaching.  This course package is an introduction to first learning about teaching skills. This is for any parent wanting to become a parent teacher.  We are designing this course to make your start as easy as possible. You have made the decision to take responsibility for your children’s education.  The one thing you can do to ensure you are providing everything you can is to learn HOW to teach.  This will save you years of frustration. This course is also for you if you are burnt out on homeschooling and need a quick tune up on practical skills that are fail-proof to cultivating a great education for your kiddos.

Am I ready to become great?

This is your next step in learning how to teach your children to learn and apply knowledge.  This is a 6-course package that teaches you:

  • How to manage an optimal learning environment, how to ditch the “memorize and forget” methods.
  • Give true evaluations of your students’ learning, not just if they are storing it.
  • How to present/review/evaluate material to any learning style and how to strengthen all learning styles to curate well-adapted, life-long learners.
  • Learn foundational strategies that develop healthy bodies and healthy minds.
  • Learn how to analyze what makes a good or bad lesson plan and how to cultivate your own using any resource at your disposal.

As a bonus, this course includes the Guide to Learning book and weekly direct consultation time with our resident expert, Nicole, in education and psychology. Click here to purchase your next phase of in-depth teaching.

I am already great, what more could I learn?

This is your course to learn a mastery set of skills in teaching. This is where you want to be if you have already learned the skills on how to teach children how to learn, and are now needing to know how to diagnose a learner’s struggle. In our first two course packages, we prime you to begin to see why some learn to apply and others struggle with applying and fall into just becoming a regurgitation station.  This can happen all within the same student depending on the year or subject. We are developing this in-depth course to teach parents the skills at recognizing gaps in their children’s education and what to do about it. We will learn how to create and analyze tests, evaluate reading levels and know what specific methods need to be employed to increase their understanding. Examine what different answers mean from children who are learning and how to develop a truly individualized education. As a bonus, this course package will include the beginners course, From Parent to Teacher and the next level course of Those Who Can, Teach Their Children along with the mastery level course.


I have read all of your books and articles, I am amazed at how making marginal changes in my teaching has brought about massive improvements in my children’s learning.

Kara, M


I had been a teacher for 6 years, before pulling my kids out to homeschool them.  I thought that because I was already a teacher, homeschooling would be a breeze.  It was not.  I felt at a complete loss at how to manage 3 of my own who were all at different ages.  Hiring you for a few consulting sessions was the best investment I ever made in my children’s education.

Ashley, P



Have you found yourself:

  • Interested in teaching your kiddos but you don’t know WHERE TO GET STARTED
  • Struggling or overwhelmed with HOW TO COMBINE unschooling and classical learning
  • NOT SURE if your CHILDREN ARE LEARNING the right stuff or on right level
  • Finding it is increasingly difficult to TEACH MULTIPLE AGES & ABILITIES
  • Traveling and want HELP PLANNING to capitalize on those learning experiences

Teaching Your Child offers a variety of consulting service packages for local and global homeschooling families.

Whether your preferences are a classical, unschooling, or the road, we are here to help you identify your family’s strengths, needs, and goals for a world-class education and the development of avid-lifelong learners.

We have helped thousands of families for over a decade find their groove in parent-teaching.  Sometimes it takes an extra set of eyes to determine what is going awry in teaching.

This is where we come in.  We are here for one consultation or one hundred. Whatever it takes to teach you the skills to become adroit at teaching your children.

Click on the “For More Info” to discover what package is the right fit for you.

I love these videos!  We miss having you guys here in Thailand, but these videos are the next best thing!  Love and miss your family bunches. “Steve” 😉 in Cha-Am


What the Kids Say About TYC

Dear Ms. Nicole, I was so angry and could not read or do math.  You helped me, mom, and dad.  And now I can and I am not angry anymore.  I feel awesome.  Thank you.

Kolby, 7


Dear Mrs. & Mr. Bills, You guys helped me, my sister, and parents sooooo much.  We were not reading very well and could not remember a lot we were taught.  Which made us feel bad and stupid about failing at test time.  We wanted to do good, but just couldn’t.  Mom & Dad found you guys and you flipped our world upside down and inside out.  Now we play games, have fun, but are learning and remembering everything.  I love our new workout learning time!  It’s awesome!!!!!  Thank you for making us see we were smart all along!

Faith, 11


Mr. & Mrs. Bills, I was in brain fog, I hated school.  Mom & Dad could not get me to do anything or be interested in any of it.  You guys came in to my life like a miracle.  I feel great, after my brain movement stuff.  I can do & learn all sorts of stuff now.  I actually like learning history and reading!  I love math, especially learning it for my new buisness spreadsheets (Mr. Bills, you rock!)  Thank you guys for everything.

Greyson, 14


Mrs. B, I have no idea why I could not learn math, but be great at reading.  After you came in and helped my family…it is like my mind opened up and understanding became clear.  You took time to figure out where my confusion started, you helped my mom figure out how to best teach me.  I am no longer embarrassed or feel dumb.  I know that I can learn, and actually want to.  I wish you knew just how much you helped my mom and me.  Thank you does not have enough meaning, but it’s all I’ve got.

Mason, 17